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Tecnau TC 1530 CX Dynamic Perforator

Designed to execute dynamic cross and vertical perforations inline to Xerox® Cut-Sheet Presses
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The Tecnau TC 1530 CX Dynamic Perforator is ideal for users with perforation needs, delivering a range of patterns such as payment slips, coupons and tear-out workbook pages.

Key Features

  • Dynamic, page-by-page perforating in-line with Xerox® production presses
  • Produce remittance stubs, coupons, convenience checks, and tear-out workbook pages
  • Perforate both horizontally and vertically
  • Short repeat lengths, multiple perforation patterns supported
  • Numerous programmable perforation patterns, trigger page-by-page via 2D Datamatrix
  • Perforation specification according to your needs (TPI, cut/tie ratio)

Your Challenges

With the introduction of the Xerox® Baltoro HF Inkjet Press, users may eliminate inventories of costly offset colour pre-printed shells and run simple, cost-effective blank sheets. However, with the elimination of those pre-processed sheets, perforations disappear as well.

Key Challenges

  • Adding perforations after the elimination of pre-processed shells
  • Perforating only the pages that require perforations
  • Responding immediately to new document demands from customers with perforations wherever required

How Xerox Can Help

  • Pre-perforated paper is no longer needed — reducing paper costs and providing greater media flexibility.
  • Provides the ability to serve end users better by enabling dynamic vertical and horizontal perforations, sheet by sheet.
  • Reduces labour costs by being able to complete more than one operation in-line, such as perforating and punching.
  • Transactional and TransPromo applications can easily be performed in the same run.