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Xerox® SquareFold® Trimmer

De SquareFold Trimmer-module vergroot de mogelijkheden van uw afwerkeenheid met zeer gewilde functies zoals Square Fold (vierkante vouw of bindrug) en schoonsnijden voor de productie van hoogwaardige brochures en katernen.
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The SquareFold Trimmer Module enhances the power of your finisher with highly desired features – such as square folding and face trimming – to produce high value brochures and booklets.

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Key Features

  • Inline square fold and face trim
  • Easy setup from print server or printer user interface allows the user to control the amount of trim and thickness of the square fold
  • Inline face trimming eliminates paper shingling at the fore edge of booklets
  • Accurate face trim settings yield sharp, crisp results
  • Booklets can be opened flat without damaging the spine
  • Creasing roller technology creases the cover and innermost sheets of the booklet, minimizing image cracking on the fold line
  • Write and image on the square fold spine

Your Challenges

Achieving finished booklets with a professional appearance often requires offline work and manual touches.

Key Challenges

  • Producing quality output requires finishing to be done offline
  • Operator invention is needed to manually transport stacks to finish

How Xerox Can Help

With the Xerox® SquareFold® Trimmer Module, you can now produce professional square-fold booklets quickly and easily inline.